Peach & Rocket Summer Salad – Lazy Holiday Cooking

Inspired by lazy holiday cooking, this fresh summer salad is a family favourite. It’s perfect to accompany a BBQ, and you can delegate the key cooked ingredient to the BBQ Chef. Perfect!

IngredientsSummer Holiday Cooking

Approx. 60g Rocket*

2 Peaches

Marinated Goats Cheese (to taste)

Macadamias Nuts (Approx. 30 grams)

1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (A little extra for cooking)

½ tsp salt and pepper


Slice and cook the Peaches on a BBQ or grill plate over hot heat for approx. 5 minutes per side

Mix the Balsamic, Oil and salt and Pepper to make dressing.

Lay all ingredients onto the plate, breaking up the goats cheese.

Dress and serve.


This recipe is best served fresh.

A note about ingredients

*Rocket is best fresh from the garden if possible. It’s my favourite food to grow, as it’s just so easy, thriving in pots or the garden. In fact, it has even self-sown and grows between our stepping-stones on the way to our raised garden beds!

Need more motivation to plant fresh Rocket? Many of the store-bought lettuce bags can be weeks old, so most nutrients are lost. Bagged lettuces and greens also score highly on the EWG’s annual ranking of pesticide residues, as well as often testing high for levels of bacteria. The bagged variety is often placed into a fossil fuel based plastic bag, which will last forever, however even more environmentally concerning, the leaves are triple washed resulting in a staggering use of water during production.